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Distance Formula

The distance between two points on an xy-plane can be found using the following formula:

d(P1,P2) = √(x2 -x1)2 + (y2 -y1)2

*Note: distance is noted as d(P1,P2) which means distance (d) for P1 (point 1) and P2 (point 2)


Sample Distance Problem

Haley has 2 points on an xy-plane and she would like to know the distance between them. The points are (2,3) and (4,7). What is the distance?

Answer: The distance between the points is d(P1,P2) = 4.472

Note that for P1 (2,3), 2 = x1 and 3 = y1 and
P2 (4,7), 4 = x2 and 7 = y2.



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